Lemon Rhubarb Coffee Cake


Yeeeee-awn.  I’ve been trying to get up extra early every day for some quiet devotion and alone time, and, while the sun makes it easier, it still isn’t easy for someone who loves their bed as much as I do.  I don’t drink coffee, so coffee cake is like my coffee – a morning pick-me-up accompanied perfectly […]

Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Squares and a Giveaway! {Giveaway closed}

Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Squares | hiddenponies.com

I’m so happy to be back online with you all, and I hope you all like the new look as much as I do – we were going for fresh, bright, clean, and easy-to-use, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether we achieved that! Naturally, I decided the blog should go down right […]

Orange Creamsicle Cookies

Orange Creamsicle Cookies - delicious soft-batch cookies that taste like an orange creamsicle!

If you don’t like orange creamsicles, don’t go yet!  If you DO like orange creamsicles, definitely don’t go yet.  I’m not the biggest fan myself, but like just about anything in life, orange creamsicles taste better as a cookie.  Especially a stay-soft, gooey-chewy perfect little orange and white chocolate cookie.These lemon white chocolate sugar cookies are one of […]

Saturday Sweets: Lemon Almond Tarts

Almond Tarts - easy, impressive tarts full of almond flavour with just a hint of lemon!

Being the first of the month, I should be posting an exciting new kitchen challenge tackled this month.  Sadly, the requisite steamed buns (aka bao) didn’t happen, with moving and reorganizing and realizing I needed special equipment. But these sweet little almond tarts more than make up for it!  I debated for awhile on what […]



In honour of our sister’s wedding day, today’s Saturday Sweets are all about gluten free treats! Erin has been through a lot healthwise to date, with uncertainty remaining in her future, but her positive attitude, willingness to be flexible, and ability to think outside the traditional healthcare box all make her someone I absolutely admire […]

Wedding Week!

Imported Photos 00087

Happy Monday everyone! It’s finally wedding week, with our stunning little sister Erin all set to tie the knot with her handsome beau this Saturday! We leave tomorrow for the land of wedding wonder, aka Ontario, and between the two of us and our kiddos you might want to change to a different flight if […]


Imported Photos 00049

About a week ago K-fer reached what is, in my mind, a pretty big milestone.  I know crawling, walking and talking are some of the biggest, but I’d say this ranks in the top 5 along with those.  He mastered fork skills!  I’m a proud mama, and he’s a proud, adorable boy. Now, I know […]