Spaghetti Pie - ultimate comfort food! (from

Spaghetti Pie

So we sold our house and are now busy looking to find a house to move to, and it’s all very exciting, but Pinterest is seriously taking over my life right now. I want to see every living room layout imaginable, preferably in colours I like, with a crawling child included for ease-of-manoeuvring reference. I want […]


Monday Moments: Whirlwind

Well, last week slipped through my fingers at breakneck speed. If things keep up like this, it’ll be 2016 before I can catch my breath enough to tell you about the amazing crispy baked buttermilk chicken or the wedding cupcakes I was meaning to tell you about this week. We had special visitors (one furry […]


Monday Moments: Boys

When Gemma leaves for school, I feel a little outnumbered at times.But while they may be noisy and demanding and not always the best at remembering what sleep is, they sure are a sweet bunch.  Growing up with all sisters, I secretly kind of wanted an all-girl family, and my first son threw me for […]


Favourite Pancakes

I don’t know about you, but I am all about the practical gifts. Besides the standard socks, Carl has bought me my stand mixer, waffle maker, pastry brushes and blender on various occasions over the past few years. These are some of my favourite gifts because I get to use them all the time, he likes to use them since […]


Monday Moments: Personal Space

Are fourth children allowed to have a personal bubble? It would appear not. Um, hello Dad. You’re in my chair. Mom? A little help here? Nope, this isn’t better. Maybe I’ll try out the playmat instead. This looks promising… Seriously, guys. I’m going to my one-man saucer to think up a plan. Suggestions from other fourth […]