Soft & Chewy Funfetti Sugar Cookie

Funfetti Sugar Cookies

Last weekend we went out for nachos and dessert because, well, healthy, and something shocking happened. I couldn’t finish everything, Didn’t even want to finish everything. Couldn’t have eaten more if I tried. I’ve officially transitioned Gavin onto bottles and, with the loss of breastfeeding, I get full again. I literally haven’t felt really, truly full for the […]

Daughters and pet, 1987

Monday Moments: Flashback

While we were moving I found an envelope of old pictures I had borrowed from my sister, who had gotten old photo albums from my Grandma of pictures from our childhood.  There were so many gems I’m so happy to have copies of, and the best part was my dad’s captions on the backs. It […]


Monday Moments: Bubbles

There’s nothing better than a few $1 tubes of bubbles to entertain children for an hour on a spring day. We have a concentrated blower who may or may not be ok with her brothers popping her bubbles. The only way to find out is to try, right? And another blower who always, always, always […]

avocado pasta feature

Chicken Avocado Pasta

Friends, it’s time I cut back on the blogging.  I got a new job I am so very excited about, but it means something has to give, and I’d really rather that something wasn’t sleep. I’m sure most of you, like me, find it absolutely horrifying that I could have chosen to have an abortion in Canada […]


Monday Moments: Moved

We’re alive! I’ve always loved moving, and this was our 6th house in our 8 years of marriage, so I thought we were good to go. But I was not prepared for what moving means with 4 kids under 6, with a major cough/cold/flu attacking me, a big paper and presentation due for school, interviewing […]