Monday Moments: Two

One sweet little boy who loves to talk, sing, run, jump, and harass his older siblings has turned two. There’s no longer any denying his full toddler-hood as he spends most of his time working hard to keep up with the longer legs and louder voices surrounding him, and holding his own just fine. Every birthday […]


Monday Moments: Cheeser

Nobody cheeses like this guy cheeses. Me: Can I take a picture of you lookin’ so handsome? Him: Shhhheeee-uuuuurrre! Me: Can you smile nicely? Him: Cheeeeeeeeezzze! Me: Maybe try saying….yogurt? Him: Hahahahahaha! Cheeeeeeeeeze! Me: I love you. Never change. This kind of enthusiasm can’t be taught.

5 banana loaf (8)

Five-Banana Bread

Sometimes I get frustrated by the constant mess in my house and get on my kids’ case about helping out, putting things where they belong, etc. Then I notice my one-year-old puts his milk cup back in the fridge and brings his empty snack bowl to the dishwasher, and I wonder where all the mess is […]


Monday Moments: Mr. Dress-up the Second

Theo has been carefully coaching his younger brother in his enthusiasm for dress-up. I’m sure they’re poring over costume ideas here. Theo is so thrilled to have a partner in the game of disguises: “MA-HAHHA-HUM! MOM! You have a little kitty! PET your kitty!” Obviously I do. Gemma is also pleased to meet this new kitty. […]


Monday Moments: Pillow Talk

Vinyl cutters, and family members who use them on your behalf, are the bees’ knees. That, and $5 pillow covers from Ikea that I don’t feel bad about experimenting with. With the ability to cut out a stencil in any shape that strikes my whims, the possibilities are endless! Since we moved in, I’ve wanted […]