Peanut butter rice krispie squares - no bake, 7 minutes, and always a hit!

Peanut Butter & Honey Krispie Treats

There’s a blanket on my couch that I’m very protective of. I bought it on a whim at Superstore last year, and ended up spending most of the first two weeks of nights with Jack under it on the couch. There was something about the softness of that blanket hitting us that calmed us both […]

Monday Moments: Walking the Walk

You guys, I have never had a child walk before the age of one. I always figured they inherited a healthy dose of my poor coordination, combined with low motivation due to the option of being carried by a sucker of a mom. Number five, however, is intent on blazing a new trail. Step 1: […]

Monday Moments: Five

Birthdays come fast and furious in the fall months here, with celebrations in August, September, November, and December. Due to the 4-day spread between Theo’s and my birthdays, I generally share whatever cake he chooses, and this year, due to a weekend out of town for work, I even shared his day. I got home at […]

Monday Moments: Time Marches On

But where, I ask you, is the time going? Christmas is going to be upon us in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, as they say. Which is ok, because I love Christmas, but I also really love fall, and it is flying by at record speed, and Christmas means my baby will be one. ONE! […]

Monday Moments: On Target

A sweet someone turned seven this month! Carl couldn’t be home for birthday dinner, but Grandma brought his favourite dessert and some new Lego to build! He finally decided he wanted a birthday party of his own, after getting used to the idea at friends’ parties over the last couple years. Carl bravely handled the […]