Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Squares

We’re in trauma mode over here after family visiting from Australia had to go back to said land down under.  My kids got deeply attached to these “new” cousins, and, while I wisely distracted them with fun visits to other cousins immediately following the departure, I neglected to anticipate the sadness that comes with the […]


Monday Moments: Boys Will Be Boys?

My youngest is only my youngest, Lord willing, for one more month, and I’m trying to make sure I spend the time enjoying all his craziness while working on toning down his increasingly screechy and demanding “MOOOOoooom!” when he wants something. Now if I could just manage to take less-blurry pictures to commemorate this stage, […]

Zucchini Muffin Recipe

Zucchini Muffins

You can find zucchini in just about everything right now, from cookies and cakes to lasagnas and salads.  While I applaud the use of zucchini in just about everything, the most important recipes are still the classics.  I don’t care how good a spiralized pickled dehydrated quinoa zucchini salad you can make and call it […]


Elevated Toast: Bruschetta Round-Up

A long loaf of baguette is one thing I virtually always have in my freezer for last minute guests. Not because I want to hand them a long loaf and call it hospitality, but because that long loaf can be sliced up and transformed into approximately three hundred and forty seven different appetizers, or it […]


Monday Moments: Boys’ Day Out

While Carl and Gemma were away in Saskatoon having the time of their lives (seriously, they were), I figured we better have some fun back in our B.C. oven too.  My iron has been kicking in like nobody’s business since I self-diagnosed a need to triple the recommended dose, and my energy levels are soaring […]