Elevated Toast: Bruschetta Round-Up

A long loaf of baguette is one thing I virtually always have in my freezer for last minute guests. Not because I want to hand them a long loaf and call it hospitality, but because that long loaf can be sliced up and transformed into approximately three hundred and forty seven different appetizers, or it […]


Monday Moments: Boys’ Day Out

While Carl and Gemma were away in Saskatoon having the time of their lives (seriously, they were), I figured we better have some fun back in our B.C. oven too.  My iron has been kicking in like nobody’s business since I self-diagnosed a need to triple the recommended dose, and my energy levels are soaring […]

Tomato Basil Chicken Casserole

Mom’s Recipes: Tomato Basil Chicken Casserole

It’s been too long since I posted a must-make dinner recipe, hasn’t it?  It could be because I don’t like to cook actual dinners when the weather gets hot, or because my baby is getting so big it is making my stomach too small to care much about whole meals and increasing my personal body heat […]

strawberry oat bars with strawberry chia jam

Strawberry Oat Bars (with Strawberry Chia Jam)

While I’m still just as obsessed with chocolate as ever, I’m eating berries in at least equal amounts while the gettin’s good. But fresh berries don’t last forever, and sometimes you need to use a bunch quickly or risk crossing that fine line between sooooo juicy and sweet and ewwww gross my finger just went […]


Monday Moments: Helping Hands

This sweet little man, as much as I sometimes fear he’s a bit too attached to his mama (but then, who wouldn’t be ;)), is the world’s best little helper.  At 3 years old, he’s reasonably proficient at everything from vacuuming to sorting and folding laundry to emptying the dishwasher.  He spends his days asking if there’s anything […]