strawberry rhubarb eton mess

Mom’s Recipes: Roasted Strawberry & Rhubarb Eton Mess

I made a strawberry eton mess once, and it deliciously lived up to it’s name. Easy, sweet, light, creamy, crispy and, of course, messy. My mom has taken it further with the addition of rhubarb, and roasting, and she’s here to share it with us today! My rhubarb plant survived the move but I won’t […]


Monday Moments: New Friend

Heeeeey Mom, look, a new friend! Hiiiiii, friend! Huuuugs. Kissessss! And never a single fight about toys :)

Menchies frozen yogurt

#MenchiesMyWay Frozen Yogurt Creations (Giveaway!)

Carl has never been more pleased with me and my blogging as when I agreed to be a summer ambassador for Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. It was only three weeks ago that he had his first Menchie’s experience, and he was hooked. I had yet to experience it myself, but his rave reviews piqued my interest. Turns out […]


Monday Moments: Arts & Crafts

The older kids have been into the paint and stickers and such, and we’ve been kind of limiting it to Theo’s naptime to minimize my stress levels. They are enthusiastic crafters, especially the little lady. Kristopher starts strong, but his longevity is weak. Theo woke up early the other day and what were we to do […]

Mixed Berry Pie - the fastest pie you'll make this summer |

Field Berry Pie

I’m realizing that often I use the expression “I struggle with…” as code for “This really ticks me off and I complain about it more than I should.” For instance, “I struggle with the time around dinner when the kids are hungry and the house is it’s warmest and I feel like I need 23 more […]