taco zucchini boat (6)

Taco Zucchini Boats

It is almost ridiculous how much I love having a garden. As a kid and young teen, I put on a serious sulk every time I had to do anything in the garden, and my dad gradually shrunk our huge garden and fruit orchard each year to make it more manageable as he realized he was the one […]


Monday Moments: Roadkill

The cat. When he’s not trying to eat my children, or stocking up his collection of dead rats under the trampoline, he likes to lie directly in our main walking path and play dead.  Don’t be fooled. You can see in the first picture he sleeps with at least one eye open, and he can go […]

Warm Bacon Potato Salad with NO mayo or sour cream, great from the oven or barbecue!

Roasted Bacon Potato Salad

No sour cream, no mayo, no celery, no peppers, no dill. Those were just some of the requirements I faced every time I brought up the topic of potato salad. Add to that a husband that just doesn’t eat cold food in general and potato salad, something I’ve loved since childhood, has pretty much been […]


Monday Moments: Camp Out

There are so many little things that fill me with joy these days. The fact that my kids are, for the most part, getting along, something I did not anticipate for the beginning of summer holiday adjustments. The fact that my hydrangeas are in full bloom, as are all sorts of other hydrangeas throughout the neighbourhood, […]


Monday Moments: School’s Out!

No more teachers, no more books! That means this sweet face is back around the house, and up and about way earlier than I ever dragged her out of bed on a school morning. She has plans to do lots of baking and cooking with me this summer, which I’m pretty happy about! It won’t […]