Monday Moments: Festive

So this happened last week. Gemma was home sick from school, so what better time to pull out the tree? Don’t let the tank top and shorts fool you, it is very much turning into winter. The kids are so into it, and Theo especially didn’t remember much from last year, so every new item he […]

Bacon Corn Chowder - the perfect soul-warming winter soup.

Bacon Corn Chowder

A couple people have asked lately about how my cat allergies turned out and, never one to miss a good episode of The Poowwwwer of Positive Thinking, I must tell you. The first 2-3 weeks were spent sneezing so much I developed visible abs. Every time I touched the cat and then my face, whatever […]


Monday Moments: Very Helpful

This little stinker is trying to set a family record for slowest to walk. At 14 1/2 months, he is thrilled at all the hullabaloo that results from a simple solitary stand, but he doesn’t show the least bit of interest in walking alone. Granted, he has almost a month before he beats his big […]


Monday Moments: Birthday

It’s my birthday, and I feel confident that with the right sunglasses… and my cheeks sucked in just so… I don’t look a day over 30. Seriously though, I love birthdays. I love the idea of getting older and (hopefully) wiser. With age comes a recognition of what really matters, who really matters, and how […]

Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars - easy, healthy, and they hold their shape really well!

Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars

There have been times when I’ve said about a recipe, “You could totally eat this for breakfast!” when actually it’s probably not the most highly recommended. That is, while I might eat it for breakfast, I wouldn’t let my kids do the same. Today though? You can totally eat these for breakfast, and so can the kids. Those same kids-who-want-breakfast […]