Monday Moments: All Grown Up

He throws like a boy. He drinks out of big-kid cups semi-reliably. He plays family games with shades to maintain his poker face. He reads “Reformed Perspective” to stay discerning. I’ve taught him all I can.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Perfect Chocolate Chip Muffins

You know when you see those big, bakery style muffins in double chocolate, carrot, and vanilla chocolate chip and you just want to have them allllll, even if you can literally see the oil oozing out of their over-stuffed pores? I do. Chocolate chip muffins were my siren call in every box of muffins my […]


Monday Moments: Coffee Break

After a morning off school spent at the park disturbing turtles, dodging goose poop and collecting other people’s Easter eggs in the bark mulch, nothing hits the spot like a good cuppa with good friends. Every week should have at least one morning like this, shouldn’t it? Here’s to this amazing stage of stay-at-home motherhood, when you […]

chai cookies (2)

Chai Spice Cookies

The minute the weather turns hot, my mood in the kitchen shifts. Suddenly I want nothing to do with ovens, stoves, and standing and stirring while my feet swell, and the whole house gets hot for the sake of a cookie. Thankfully we’re still in the season where cooler days are common to break up […]


Monday Moments: Peace of Mind

I’ve been struggling with a silly sort of anxiety that keeps me up at night, in which I have visions of myself being a terrible parent, unable to save my panic-stricken children from certain drowning, quicksand, and other likely suburban issues. Ever one to set my mind at ease, Carl took it upon himself to […]