peach berry feature

Peach Berry Smoothies {SunRype 900 mL Juice Giveaway!}

Make sure you get all the way to the bottom to enter the giveaway for a whole buncha delicious juice! There are few things that get my kids as excited as a good smoothie.  On the rare occasion we go through a drive-thru, no one asks for fries or ice cream, they’re always wondering if the […]


Mom’s Recipes: Tomato and Feta Baked Eggs

It’s been almost a year since I was getting ready to move in with my parents for a few months.  Despite missing Carl and being pretty nauseously newly pregnant, those were really good months, and the kids still regularly ask when we can go visit for “12 years” (12 weeks) again. Recipes like this are […]

blueberry dip

Warm Cheesy Blueberry Dip

Because hot, cheesy dips are something I could happily eat every single day (but probably shouldn’t), I think about them a lot. What to add to the cheese, how much cheese, what kinds of cheese, what to dunk in the cheese…you get the idea. Today on The Lydia Life I’m sharing a hot cheesy dip […]

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Cranberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

Breakfast doesn’t get much better than this. This is the time of year when you  need to buy scads of fresh cranberries and squirrel them away in your freezer for the rest of the year, to make things like Cranberry Lemon Scones, Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls, Cranberry Sauce Oat Bars, and these-here muffins.  My 6-year-old isn’t […]


Monday Moments: Kids’ Art Edition

It’s been too long since I presented an onslaught of kids’ art.  About a day after turning 4 last month, Kristopher, who has never shown the slightest interest in picking up a pen despite knowing all his letters and how to spell his name in song, suddenly announced, “I think I should probably learn to […]