Gingerbread Scones

Scones again! she sang with glee. And these ones, they smell Christmas-y! Vanilla icing, ginger spicing, These new scones have all the nice-things. Its been awhile since we had a new scone, don’t roll your eyes at me like that. This recipe from an old Cooking Light magazine has been on my to-try list for a […]

10 Cozy Soups to Make for Supper

Oh how I love fall, whether it’s crisp, cool and crunchy or grey, rainy and blustery. Every day that I wake up to the sound of pouring rain or the sound of blowing leaves makes me smile. Pulling on a cozy sweater or wrapping a scarf around my neck makes me feel completely content. The fall […]

Nine Ways to Use Zucchini

Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Our zucchini plant has started flowering with abandon, and, while it’s only produced 3 good size zucchinis so far, I feel like this is the beginning of an abundance.  Growing up, my dad never had the heart to thin out his zucchini plants when they all seemed to be flourishing, so we always ended up […]

Saturday Sweets: Lemon Raspberry Edition

My little sister Emily is getting married today!  She is going to be QUITE the stunner in her gorgeous dress, and we’re all excited to witness the youngest of 5 sisters say “I do” to her handsome man. In Emily’s honour, I’m doing a round-up of desserts in her favourite flavour combination – lemon and […]

Monday Must-Haves

Happy Monday! It’s a holiday Monday ’round these parts, which means no work for me, and lots of time to bake and cook and craft! I have a bunch of recipes from last spring and summer calling my name, wanting to be made again, so I thought I’d give you a little run-down of some […]

Mexican Pasta Bake

It’s been brought to my attention lately that we need to post more legitimate meals around here.  Apparently cookies and nanaimo bars do not qualify for everyone :) We’re more than happy to oblige, if someone would kindly extend the daylight hours! Taking pictures with an old point and shoot which doesn’t like to be […]

An inside view

I’m having a hard time staying focused on work so I decided to write a guest-post for my wife’s blog instead.  I’m doing this by choice – I wasn’t delegated.  Between the piles of recipes and scribbled ideas occupying every nook and cranny of our home, the overflowing containers of treats, and the incessant inquiries […]