Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Squares

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars

We’re in trauma mode over here after family visiting from Australia had to go back to said land down under.  My kids got deeply attached to these “new” cousins, and, while I wisely distracted them with fun visits to other cousins immediately following the departure, I neglected to anticipate the sadness that comes with the […]

Perfect Apple Crisp

Can we all agree that apple crisp is the bomb? I could eat apple crisp every. single. day. And this week I did.  It was wonderful. You know what else I did? You guessed it – graham crumbs in the topping. I told you, I’m obsessed. This is going down in history as the best […]

Whipped & Dipped Shortbread

Do you have any secret family recipes that you don’t want anyone getting their hands on?  A recipe you love to make for people to enjoy, but only want them to enjoy in your presence? A favourite treat that no one else’s can ever compare to? This Whipped Shortbread is that for me. This is […]

First Date Squares

This is the first time I’ve made date squares, after a long love affair with them on baking platters at weddings, paint conferences, and other gatherings where you can find me loitering at the dessert table.  Why I waited this long to make them is beyond me, as is why my first baking post is […]