Taco Lasagna

Taco lasagna - all the great flavours of taco in an easy weeknight meal perfect for making ahead, giving away, or just doubling for yourself!

I’ve been holding out on you with a super easy dinner recipe you’re going to want to add to your plans this week.  I apologize for this blogging negligence, and offer you a taco lasagna peace offering.  No more secrets here. The first time I made this I had some friends coming over and it […]

Baked Ham & White Bean Taquitos

Baked Ham & White Bean Taquitos with rosemary - a healthy (and quick) dinner option! {www.hiddenponies.com}

I come from a land of sun and rain and moderate temperatures, and I have to admit that the sojourn at my parents’ home in far-from-temperate Ontario is kicking my butt a little.  We all have dry, chapped skin and a bad case of the whines when the snow blows into our faces at so […]

Broccoli & Ham Crescent Roll Bake

Easy Chicken Broccoli Braid with Pilsbury Crescent Roll | Hidden Ponies

Here’s a fun little phone conversation my husband and I had the other night… Let me set the scene.  Carl’s out of town overnight, I’m home cutting 40+ lbs of onions for a school fundraiser.  I’m sweaty, smelly, wearing a hairnet, and bawling my eyes out (because of the onions, y’know). Carl: “Hello? How’s it […]

Roasted Red Pepper & Squash Soup

Roasted Vegetable Soup | Hidden Ponies

Last night I wrote a midterm I’ve been dreading since the semester began.  I’m taking an online course on perception with a professor I had once before for stats who is not known for his, shall we say, normalcy.  He is one of those people you stereotype professors as but no professors are actually like […]

Taco Taquitos


Ooops.  Somehow I wrote about these taco taquitos a couple months ago and then forgot to hit “publish” and alas, there they have sat, lost in drafts, until their recent rediscovery!  Maybe I should go through that folder more often…there are some other gems hovering in there waiting for their moment to shine. :)  Well, […]

Ginger Soy Chicken Stirfry


My kids are all about rhyming.  We spend a good part of many days taking turns shouting out rhyming words, and I can rhyme like it’s my job, but lately they’re upping the ante.  In the car we seem to get especially good ones, which is turning into a great opportunity to dramatically increase their […]

Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza

Before we talk about how good homemade pizza is… (spoiler alert: it’s gooood): 1) Carl’s gone for the week so I’m thinking of getting central air conditioning installed.  Do you think he’ll notice? 2) Gemma can’t sleep because she “can’t stop thinking about sad and scary things”.  This makes me sad. But also glad that […]