Perfectly Plain Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

No flour, no butter, no mixer. Lots of peanut butter and some chocolate. Sometimes you see a recipe and just have to drop everything and make it immediately. These 5-ingredient peanut butter cookies are one of those recipes. So today, in anticipation of you also needing to drop everything to make these, I will save […]

PB & J Thumbprint Cookies

Who doesn’t love good ol’ pb & j sandwich?Oh wait, um, ME. But like most things, once you put it into cookie form just TRY to keep me away. Yup, you can’t. Juuuuust hand ’em over.These are an adaptation born of 4 jars of jam passed on to me by my mother-in-law after she had […]

Happy Cookies

Who doesn’t want to eat happiness? I know I do. You may know these as peanut butter blossoms, kiss cookies, or any other number of names – they’re a popular cookie with many variations, including my mini egg ones for Easter.  Growing up, one of my sisters dubbed these “happy cookies”, and the name stuck.  In […]

Saturday Sweets: Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Even more cookies! When you make cookies every week or so, you can easily get stuck in a rut of making the same ones, so you need a LOT of great recipes to cycle through to keep everyone on their toes.  I think plain ol’ chocolate chip cookies are probably my favourite food ever, and […]

Happy (Easter) Cookies

Easter weekend!   Easter is my favourite holiday, both for the Christian background and the totally unrelated candy choices that take over the grocery stores.  Although, eggs = hatching = new life…so there is some logic I suppose? Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs have to be my favourite Easter candies, along with “Mr. Munchy”, […]