Furniture Refinishing: Oak Coffee Table

My sister and I were planning a fabulous stripping party while Carl was out of town (not a sentence I get to use often), but she backed out last minute and I almost put off my own project, but, despite the sub-par working conditions in the garage, I decided it was now or never.  A turquoise […]

Furniture Refinishing: Pine Sideboard

Since my kitchen is still a good week away from being operational… Since looking at and thinking about recipes makes me a little grumpy (and hungry)… Since I am itching for mixing bowls, measuring scoops, skillets, and muffin pans… Let’s talk about something else today. I bought new socks last week that weren’t ankle socks. […]

Furniture Refinish: Coffee Table

Have you noticed how all our Friday posts have catchy titles with “Friday” in them, but absolutely NO consistency?  Fashion Friday, Freaky Friday, Furniture Friday…wait, are you seeing consistency yet? You got it, we’re throwing out f-words like nobody’s business ;) Anyway, I feel I’ve mentioned my new house in passing a few times without […]