Blackberry Crumble Cinnamon Rolls

Blackberry Crumble Cinnamon Rolls

The other evening, around dinner time, I did something I swore I would never do: I barbecued. It has always been my fear that if I barbecued just once Carl would give up barbecuing duties, no longer feeling needed in that particular realm. Turns out my fear was unfounded. Carl came home just in time to put out […]

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

There are certain things people try to disguise as healthy. Like sometimes I’ve been convinced that pizza is healthy. It can have vegetables, meat, cheese, and bread. Sometimes it even has fruit (which I am opposed to, as a rule). So basically it has all the food groups in one meal, and could be eaten at any […]

Sticky Jubilee Cinnamon Buns

So, there seems to be some debate as to what actually constitutes a cinnamon bun. Is it a bun with icing, or can it be topped with brown sugar and butter? Is a sticky cinnamon bun really a chelsea bun? Does a cinnamon bun have nuts? Raisins? White sugar? Brown sugar? Are they cinnamon BUNS, […]