Speculaas Squares

How many people have speculaas in their background, one of those cozy growing-up flavours your parents introduced you to? More savoury and spicy than sweet, speculaas flavour is really similar to chai flavour, the only real difference being the cardamom in chai. I’ve always loved chai tea and never really put two and two together […]

Homemade Oreos

There are few things I like better than a good giant Oreo entering my face. Oreos are one of my only hard cookie weaknesses (only the chocolate ones, not the goldens). Being able to make an even more delicious version at home can only be a dangerous thing. Thankfully they require the extra step of […]

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

So the time has finally come that I own a cell phone. Which means you can ask me if you want my number, or you can just follow me on Instagram, where I’m most excited to be back so I can take selfies with flamingos. I suppose it was really only a matter of time […]

Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars

Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars - easy, healthy, and they hold their shape really well!

There have been times when I’ve said about a recipe, “You could totally eat this for breakfast!” when actually it’s probably not the most highly recommended. That is, while I might eat it for breakfast, I wouldn’t let my kids do the same. Today though? You can totally eat these for breakfast, and so can the kids. Those same kids-who-want-breakfast […]

Bluberry White Chocolate Muffins

Blueberry White Chocolate Muffins - these are perfect for waking up the kids or adding to lunches!

Whew! It’s been too long since I sat down with you, my fellow hungry people and cheerful internet friends. I need a break from the upset, angry, rude, confusing, silly, and sometimes downright hateful comments filling too many abortion “discussion” feeds.  Sometimes it’s not even worth engaging, is it? Sometimes you just a cup of […]

Baked S’mores Squares

S'mores Bars...crazy good, I can eat s'mores all year now!!

S’mores are what camping is really all about. This summer’s brief camping foray reminded me that I’m not much of a beach person, don’t particularly like wandering down a dirt road to use a public bathroom home to an entire terrarium worth of small, unpredictable wildlife, have no fondness for dressing out of a duffel […]