Cactus Club Flatbread Copycat Recipe

Cactus Club Rob's Flatbread Copycat Recipe

I finally bought myself a couple new cutting boards, and it’s life changing. My sister and I were discussing how many things we consider life changing the other day, and I must admit, for me, the number is not small. There are just so many little things that make life simpler, more relaxed, cleaner, quieter, […]

Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Dip

Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Dip - two ingredients, 5 minutes!

I don’t have enough appies in my life.  This must mean I don’t have enough parties in my life, because parties are half about company and three-quarters about appies. Appy math. It’s official stuff. In the interest of having more appies in my regular non-partying schedule, I need some easy recipes up my sleeve that don’t […]

Warm Cheesy Blueberry Dip

Because hot, cheesy dips are something I could happily eat every single day (but probably shouldn’t), I think about them a lot. What to add to the cheese, how much cheese, what kinds of cheese, what to dunk in the cheese…you get the idea. Today on The Lydia Life I’m sharing a hot cheesy dip […]

Elevated Toast: Bruschetta Round-Up

A long loaf of baguette is one thing I virtually always have in my freezer for last minute guests. Not because I want to hand them a long loaf and call it hospitality, but because that long loaf can be sliced up and transformed into approximately three hundred and forty seven different appetizers, or it […]

Teriyaki Chicken Spring Rolls

Chicken Spring Rolls with Rice Wrappers

We eat a lot of pasta, fajitas, pizza, and meat and potato meals around here.  Sometimes it’s good to change things up a little, and these little spring rolls were a major hit in the change-it-up department. This filling is fantastic in regular spring roll wrappers, in wonton cups, or wrapped in lettuce leaves.  I […]

Chocolate Caramel Apple Dip

Chocolate Caramel Apple Dip - perfect party food! |

So, talk to me about bike shorts. My hubby is a road biking fan, but only recently took the commitment level up to official padded-bottom spandex bike shorts.  I’m a little disconcerted when he walks around the house in them and suddenly has a bum nicer than mine.  What’s next – a spandex bike shirt […]

Pizza Fondue

Pizza Fondue - an out-of-this-world appetizer or lunch!

Fonduuuuuue. I absolutely love dunking delicious things in other delicious things.  I’ve never been a fan of oil fondues because cooking little bits of everything in oil doesn’t really whet my appetite, and also, hot oil = danger, but chocolate fondue, cheese fondue, and pizza fondue?  Hand me a bib and everything dunkable you got. […]

Cream Cheese & Pepper Jelly Puff Pastries

Cream Cheese and Red Pepper Jelly in Puff Pastry - delicious appetizer with 5 minutes of prep!

I don’t talk about appetizers enough with you guys. You see, I really love appetizers, and I really love you for being here.  I really love to serve appetizers to people whose company I enjoy. So, I should basically be serving you virtual appetizers every time we talk. But then I’d be a one trick pony […]