Perfect Sugar Cookies

Just popping in with a quick post today in case you have yet to make and decorate sugar cookies this year, and still have plans to.

This is something I only do at Christmas because rolling dough makes me crazy and I never have shortening, which my mom’s (obviously delicious) recipe calls for. This year, we made cookies with friends and I tried a new recipe since (obviously) I didn’t have shortening when we decided to do this.


I don’t imagine I’ll ever be trying another sugar cookie recipe again, and so I feel pretty strongly that you all need this recipe in your life if you’re into these things. Please care about sugar cookie cut-outs as much as I do?


These are the perfect soft, chewy, crisp-edged sugar cookie, with the all-important hint of almond extract present. They hold their shape beautifully after baking, and, best of all, you roll the dough before you chill it! Why have I never thought to try that?! No rolling a cold ball of dough, and it chills way faster since it’s all spread out.

perfect cut-out sugar cookies

Sally is a brilliant baker. Here is her perfect sugar cookie recipe that I will not even try to make my own, since it’s not getting any better than this. I’l just tell you to double the recipe the first time, they will disappear. I didn’t use her icing, but I’m sure it’s good too…let me know if you try it :)

Happy holiday baking!



  1. Kim says

    I have to make 1 correction….my sugar cookies take a combination of butter and shortening. Definitely NO lard! So fun decorating cookies with kiddies :)

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