Saturday Sweets: Chocolate Cranberry Bliss Cookies

Chocolate Cranberry Bliss

It wasn’t too long ago I made some Cranberry Bliss Cookies that I dubbed my favourite cookies so far this year. My parents were here this week so I wanted to make them again, but, finding myself with no white chocolate, I thought I was going to have to change my plans. Enter my 4-year-old helper: […]

Cranberry White Chocolate Scones with Orange Icing

Cranberry White Chocolate Scones

You’ll never guess who we have guest posting on this day of looooove. It’s our mom! (Would you have guessed that?) Really, on a day about love, we can’t forget how much love exists in the world that isn’t romantic love.  What is stronger than a mother’s love? I’d wager on nothing, personally. I would […]