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I believe in God, the power of optimism, and the ability of food to bring people together. I love to share deliciously simple homemade food with family and friends (and the internetz)! I love cheese, proper grammar, an organized house, dark chocolate, my (very tall) husband, and my 3 sweet kids.

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Monday Moments: The End is Near

We’re heading into the homestretch of Carl’s teaching semester, which has included a schedule since January that leaves him perpetually gone over dinner, so we are very much looking forward to the next season. Five kids aged 8 and under and single-mom dinnertime simply do not mix (you might’ve guessed). Why that man has to […]

Monday Moments: Spring Break

Our happy little Jackalacker got diagnosed with bronchitis today, putting a bit of a damper on our second week of Spring Break.  He’s not too upset about it, but it’s definitely affecting his ability to nap for any length of time, especially in his own bed. Combined with the fact that his cry has been […]

Monday Moments: At Least There Were Books

Oy, what a week. A week full of days when getting the dishwasher emptied and reloaded and all the baby blankets thrown in the wash was considered a successful day, and no one had to get out of pyjamas in any sort of hurry because we were going nowhere fast. We even had our groceries delivered, […]

Monday Moments: A Normal Week

This week we got spoiled with buns, baking, fresh flowers, and dinner as people continue to support us so generously as we settle into life with 5 littles. I still feel slightly in the fog of confused tiredness that comes with so little sleep, but am also so enjoying this stage of little people everywhere. […]

Monday Moments: Little Big Brother

Don’t let this tough exterior deceive you. This littlest big brother has surprised me. He definitely misses his previous abundance of mama-snuggles and he is a scrappy, feisty little brother who will bite a piece out of an older sibling, crack them over the head with the nearest recorder, or use them as birdies for his badminton […]

Monday Moments: Winter Wonders

I love the snow, and this has been a rare “real winter” for us, with plenty of the gorgeous fluffy white stuff. I haven’t really gotten out in it much between being too pregnant for my winter coat and now tied to a perpetually hungry newborn who likes to stay warm, but even just looking […]

Carrot Greens and Lentil Soup

carrot green and lentil soup - healthy, hearty, and easy on the budget :)

We recently watched a documentary on minimalism and, while the actual viewing was a little dull, I’ve rarely seen Carl so inspired by a show. Moments after it was over the garbage overflowed with old socks, and a couple days later an entire garbage bag of his clothes left the house, with another whole bag set aside to […]

Monday Moments: Holding On

The kids have been giving me a run for my money the past couple days as they (and possibly I) come down from the high of new baby excitement and lots of extra visitors, attention, and playdates and settle into the reality of mom having less time to play, less motivation to get out of […]

Monday Moments: Life with Jack

It’s been exactly one month since we brought our sweet little Jack home, and we’ve been absolutely spoiled with meals, snacks, gifts and love. We are so thankful for the incredible church and friend community we get to be a part of, and with all this help we’re getting into a bit of a rhythm. […]