Monday Moments: Walking the Walk

You guys, I have never had a child walk before the age of one. I always figured they inherited a healthy dose of my poor coordination, combined with low motivation due to the option of being carried by a sucker of a mom. Number five, however, is intent on blazing a new trail.

Step 1: Enlist anyone you can find to help you practice, and refuse to give up your grip on their hand without serious hysterics.

Step 2: Wait til no one’s watching and then casually walk across the room. This ensures mom will not be able to get a clear picture of the evidence.

This momentous occasion happened in Ontario, so we’ll have to repeat the excitement next week (hopefully with camera at the ready!) when our whole family is together again for the first time in what feels like ages. In the midst of these crazy past couple months, Jack has changed and grown so much, and I feel we’ve been almost too busy to notice. In literally about 8 weeks he learned to clap, wave, kiss, laugh, and chatter, and his little personality is coming out strong. I’m sure it’s only a few weeks before walking is his main mode of transportation, and then he’ll have crossed a line for which there is no return.

Next up: mastering the art of the climb. And, possibly, growing some thicker hair.

This baby was not a baby for nearly long enough <3


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    Haha! He has so many siblings to keep up with, crawling is just too slow :) My oldest walked at 10 months, which was a complete shock to me. I wasn’t nearly ready for him to be that mobile that early :)

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