Monday Moments: No More Teachers, Still Lots of Books

One last walk to the bus stop, just like any typical day.

The school kids out the door first.

Carl and Gavin next, Gavin quickly closing the gap to get to his older siblings.

Carl sauntering along with his coffee cup.

Theo deciding last minute he wants to go, after adamantly declaring he doesn’t, throwing off his pyjamas, dressing in seconds, and tearing down the road to catch up.

All of which results in about 8.5 blissfully quiet minutes at home for me and Jack, in which I can clean up the breakfast dishes, get dressed, and catch up on emails, if I’m feeling efficient. Those quiet moments are going to have to be found elsewhere for the next while.

It’s been a long stretch since Spring Break and we couldn’t be happier that summer holidays are here, when dishes lay around for longer, pyjamas are as good as clothes, and there’s plenty of trampoline sprinkling. I may not love the heat, but I do love the holidays.



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