Monday Moments: Who Would’ve Thought

When I was a teenager, a friend and I had a deal: when we grew up and got married and had kids, we would be neighbours. She would watch my kids and I would clean her house – she liked kids, I liked order. It was a good deal.

But then she went and moved to a different city, and I went and moved to a different city, and this continued for several moves, and alas, we still live in different cities.

Thankfully, as this story goes, it turns out I really love my kids. I also still love a clean house, mind you, but I love my kids at least as much.

Who would’ve thought they’d make such good company and even share some of my interests?

And actually turn out to be rather helpful?

Recipe on those lemony beauties coming this week, if all goes according to plan…(spoiler alert: it doesn’t, ever.)

They give me a reason to keep buying bubbles!

And teach me so very much about unconditional love and how little sleep can actually be considered necessary.

Who would’ve thought.

They’re actually pretty spectacular.




  1. Lindsey says

    Slight correction: I believe you were meant to do my groceries?! Maybe it was both ;) And now you’ve gone and ended up with more kids than me!! “Who would’ve thought” indeed! I sure do wish we didn’t live in different cities

    • says

      Really?! I don’t think I would’ve known yet how much I liked grocery shopping…but sure, I would do that for you if you move here ;) Love you :)

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