Monday Moments: May Days

What a week!

My sweet sister was here from out of town for the week, a rare and beautiful occasion we had to take full advantage of!

There was a trip to the ocean.

A trip to the forest.

Which turned into more than a 5 km hike when we had intended only 2, and the last 3 kms were spent with at least one of the preschoolers in noisy distress at the lack of snacks we’d packed and our uncertain answers about when this would be over.

Anyway, letting them take pictures on your phone is always a good way to gain a moment of happiness before forging on, hence the blurry graininess above. Still, not bad for a 3-year-old I say. We didn’t do much better on our own.

A trip to the restaurant.

A surprise birthday celebration for the best nine-year-old I know, and her first concert the next night to celebrate.

Plenty of family time, which means plenty of adorable little people and no place for adults to eat.

Not to mention there was Grandparents’ Day at school.

And to cap it off came our anniversary, celebrated with a Starbucks treat at the airport and some quality driving time together…no one I’d rather have done the last 11 years with :)

Just when I thought this week really couldn’t be anything other than a bit of a letdown after all that, Carl got me an air conditioner for Mother’s Day, something he thinks is totally unnecessary but knows how much it will mean to my happiness levels this summer, and so quite possibly the best gift ever given.

Now I’m just waiting for my other out-of-town sister to visit so we can successfully convince everyone we love to move to our neck of the woods :)



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