Monday Moments: Spring Break

Our happy little Jackalacker got diagnosed with bronchitis today, putting a bit of a damper on our second week of Spring Break. 

He’s not too upset about it, but it’s definitely affecting his ability to nap for any length of time, especially in his own bed. Combined with the fact that his cry has been reduced to barely a squeak, he’s getting lots of extra cuddles (and drugs) and my goal of completing a few little painting projects this week has been postponed.

Good thing he’s so irresistibly squishy ;)

The first week of Spring Break, though, flew by with swimming lessons and amazingly cooperative playing and rainy day movies, and the reintroduction of play dough. I hadn’t pulled it out in aaaages, long enough that Gavin didn’t even remember it, so it was time! It was also time for a restocking of new, super soft colours – we’ve literally had the exact same homemade play dough for the past 3 years, stored in an airtight bag, and it is only beginning to show signs of drying out. (If you want this toy that lasts forever, the super simple recipe for homemade play dough is right here.)

His big brothers got in on the fun too, naturally.

This week swimming lessons continue, but other than that we’re taking each day as it comes…enjoying the lack of alarm clocks, misting the baby with his steroids at regular intervals, breaking up sibling squabbles, getting into the garden a bit, and trying to avoid this crazy cat who continues to lay in the middle of the main walking paths in the house with his paws off the ground poised to pounce, even in sleep.

If you look at him he’ll quickly fake an innocent yawn.  Or maybe he’s just showing off those hunter teeth?

I wouldn’t step over him if I were you.

How are you welcoming in spring?


  1. Andrea says

    Aw, poor little Jack! Or not-so-little Jack – he looks huge on the first picture with you – wowzers! Hope your week is still going well. :)

  2. Kim Kampen says

    Love the pictures…except you’re missing 2 kids ;) The second one of you and Jack is beautiful…definitely Theo’s head with Gavin’s face :) He sure is growing! Hope he recovers soon.

  3. Carla says

    You’re on photos!! You look so good!
    And baby Jack is growing like crazy.
    Hope second week of spring break is still enjoyable!

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