Monday Moments: At Least There Were Books

Oy, what a week. A week full of days when getting the dishwasher emptied and reloaded and all the baby blankets thrown in the wash was considered a successful day, and no one had to get out of pyjamas in any sort of hurry because we were going nowhere fast.

We even had our groceries delivered, including many pounds of overripe bananas, ordered when I felt like that would be a fun idea. Someone still thought it was a good idea.

Suffice to say at the end of all this, this is happening, and it’s a good thing.

At least there were books.

So many books.

We love books.

And we love this happy, content little man who is losing his neck to his chins, riding with it all, smiling at everyone, loving his playmat, and starting to sleep longer and longer stretches at night. He’s a definite keeper.


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