Warm Cheesy Blueberry Dip

Because hot, cheesy dips are something I could happily eat every single day (but probably shouldn’t), I think about them a lot. What to add to the cheese, how much cheese, what kinds of cheese, what to dunk in the cheese…you get the idea.

Today on The Lydia Life I’m sharing a hot cheesy dip stuffed with bursting blueberries – the fruit means it’s breakfast, I think.

blueberry baguette

Check out the recipe and while you’re there, tell me about your favourite hot cheesy dips…I need more fodder for my cheesy dreams :)


  1. Marieke says

    Hi Anna, I tried out this recipe on New Year’s Eve and it was a total hit! I added about 1/2 a cup more blueberries but still found the cream cheese texture was dominant. I used old white cheddar too instead of gouda since my budget couldn’t justify the splurge. However, I’m wondering if, when I try it again tomorrow night, I should use medium white cheddar instead of old. Would that make it more “melty” and cheesy? Or do I use a touch less cream cheese? I really enjoy it, but want to perfect it. Maybe I just need to get the gouda (which I love!)? I’m making your oven pancake for dinner tomorrow too, so it’s a “Hidden Ponies” kind of day. :-) Thanks!!

    • says

      Hmm, I was actually thinking about this too last time I made it – maybe it would work better to melt the cream cheese and cheddar together on the stove first, so you can stir it and get it really melty, THEN add the blueberries and bake it for a few minutes just to get it bubbly? You could definitely go to less cream cheese too and it would be just as delicious I’m sure. I found I stirred less than I would other cheese dips because I didn’t want to over-smush the blueberries, so melting the cheeses together first might solve both our problems :) Let me know how it goes if you try it, glad you like it!

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