Barbecue Chicken Melts

This is as easy as it gets.  Call yourself a seasoned cook or call yourself a kitchen disaster, there is no way in anywhere I’ve heard of that you can go wrong here.  This is how I use up extra buns when they’re not quite fresh enough, how I use up leftover chicken that I don’t feel like chopping, a great use for rotisserie chicken picked up at the grocery store on the way home, and how I make a warm dinner in 8 minutes flat.  This is how I get my tuna melt fix while living with a man that loathes tuna the way I loathe cooked kale.  Maybe I’ll make actual tuna melts when it’s my turn to cook at my parents’ house – I’ve been here over a week but that turn hasn’t arrived yet :)

There’s no skill involved here, people, it’s just putting things together and putting them in the oven for a minute instead of bringing the unassembled ingredients to the table and having to pass things.

BBQ Chicken Melts

We have a bun, we have barbecue sauce, we have a little cream cheese or mayo or caesar dressing or something else white and sauce-like from the fridge, we have some red onion if it’s handy, or peppers, or green onion, or spinach, or just more sauce.  Then we have chicken and, obviously, we have cheeeese.  I don’t know if I’ve gone a day in my life without cheese.  I don’t think anyone should.  My baby doesn’t like cheese and I whisper threats of abandonment into his ear as he sleeps if he doesn’t change his ways.  Conformity, in some instances, must be insisted upon.

This is busy-week-too-many-things-rather-wash-my-hair-kids-need-snuggles “cooking”.  Everyone likes them, I slice up some raw veggies while they bake, and boom, bedtime for the little ones is that much closer.  Some days this is exactly the kind of dinner (or lunch) a person needs, and it takes even less effort than omelettes or pancakes.

What’s your favourite go-to lazy 10 minute dinner?  I’d like to do this more often.

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BBQ Chicken Melts
Total time
Lunch or dinner, these are ready in no time flat and easy to make with whatever you have on hand.
Recipe type: Easy Entree
  • Buns, halved
  • Chicken
  • Barbecue sauce
  • A bit of red onion (and/or red pepper, spinach, etc.)
  • White sauce (cream cheese is my favourite, but we also like alfredo sauce, Caesar dressing, Ranch dressing, etc.)
  1. Spread or toss chicken with BBQ sauce. Slather white sauce of choice on bun halves. Top with a bit of red onion or other veggies, then with chicken, and a small handful of cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes, until cheese is melted and chicken is warm. Place under broiler for 1 minute if you want the cheese bubblier.
  2. Serve warm.



  1. says

    Ha! I love this lazy dinner idea! I actually have everything but the barbecue sauce in my house right now! I’m not a tuna fan either like your husband so I definitely appreciate the chicken instead!

  2. says

    Haha! Love that about the baby! My brother doesn’t like cheese either, and orders or makes his pizza without it. Seriously, how can anyone eat naked pizza?


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