Give Thanks

I think everyone’s been hugging their children a little tighter this weekend, reminded once again of what precious gifts they are, and how fleeting their time with us might be.

Every time I have the camera handy at a special moment and remember to capture it, I’m thankful.  Sometimes pictures are all we have to keep our memories strong, and even if, by God’s grace, we get to see our children grow up, and have families and lives all their own, I certainly know I can’t be counted on to remember things like this.

Things like when my two-year-old was first left alone with his week-old baby brother, and, upon realizing, I rushed back to the room, having no idea what he might do, and found him “being very carefully, Mom“.

Or when my four-year-old was holding her new baby brother and her first baby brother was feeling left out and she welcomed him in with reassurance and love.

Or how fascinated my two-year-old is with his baby brother’s hands.  It’s been a month and a half, and he still exclaims over them, every time.

Like when my husband holds our newest baby and the others can’t climb on board quickly enough to be a part of trying to coax out a baby smile.

I have so much to be thankful for: beautiful, healthy children to love, who also love each other very gently and deeply.  A wonderful husband who loves us all.  A warm home to live in and more than enough to eat.  Friends, family, church.

My heart is full, but also heavy with the realization of how much can be lost.  I am thankful above all for the knowledge that God has a plan for each of us, unknown and often incomprehensible in our time on earth, but still, a plan.  No matter what happens in our broken world, there is hope, and in that, at all times, I am richly blessed.


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