Carrot Greens and Lentil Soup

carrot green and lentil soup - healthy, hearty, and easy on the budget :)

We recently watched a documentary on minimalism and, while the actual viewing was a little dull, I’ve rarely seen Carl so inspired by a show. Moments after it was over the garbage overflowed with old socks, and a couple days later an entire garbage bag of his clothes left the house, with another whole bag set aside to […]

Ricardo’s Chocolate Crepes

chocolate crepes - Ricardo magazine

A recent girls’ weekend in Whistler, BC saw us searching the streets in the torrential rain at 11:00 am, having just checked out of our hotel, determined to find delicious crepes before embarking on a day of shopping. I had promised amazingness at a place Carl and I had enjoyed in the past, but alas, […]