Mom’s Recipes: Apple Fritter Quick Bread

Apple Fritter Quick Bread

Carl is off in Ottawa doing his oral defense for his PhD exams as we speak, which means I’m home with four kids trying to keep my head above water and, as you might know or guess, survival mode + house hunting + toilet training + paper due for school = recipe for disaster. Since […]

Apple Crumble Quick Bread

Apple Crumble Quick Bread (with options for zucchini, carrot, and pear breads)

Before we talk about apple cinnamon loaves and perfect streusel topping, I need to know: is anyone else the proud owner of an independent, opinionated 5-year-old girl? I love my sweet daughter dearly, and for the most part she’s extremely easy-going, friendly, open and reasonable. But man, when she gets something into her head there […]