Chocolate Cranberry Sweet Rolls with Orange Glaze

Cranberry Chocolate Sweet Rolls - a decadent, delicious way to use up leftover cranberry sauce!

Well, I now have something besides a baby on which to blame my ever-and-rapidly-expanding girth. Sweet roll baking has completely taken over bread baking in my life and kitchen, and I’m not even sorry. Leftover cranberry sauce has to be one of my favourite leftovers, and these sweet rolls are proof of why.  Just thinking […]

Hot Cross Buns

Happy Easter weekend, everyone! Hot cross buns were an Easter tradition in my house growing up, but this is the first time I’ve made them myself.  I find anything involving yeast is such a commitment for me – 3+ whole hours with the same recipe?  What if I want to look around?  What if something […]

Nice Buns

I always have the best intentions of making my own bread and buns, but it pretty rarely turns into action. Not having a stand mixer is a good excuse, I figure, but not good enough, I know.  There really is nothing like the sense of accomplishment when, 60 million hours after starting, you pull fresh […]