Honey Soy Chicken Thighs

honey soy chicken thighs

Since we’re talking about thighs today, let’s talk about mine. Yesterday, I wore pants. It has been so hot, but enough forest fire smoke has blown in that the sun is essentially blocked, and yesterday was downright pleasant, both outside and in. While I pray for rain and for the safety of those brave firefighters […]

Creamy Garlic Chicken with Bacon Alfredo

Creamy Garlic Chicken with Bacon Alfredo | hiddenponies.com

Say what?! I went and took a picture of a dinner recipe, which means you know you need to make it. If you like pasta, that is. I hosted a bake exchange last night that resulted in 12 kinds of amazingness in my freezer that I’m trying not to think about so it will last longer than […]

Basque Chicken Drumsticks

Basque Chicken Drumsticks

Today I’m responsible for feeding 200 people.  Monday I shopped like it wasn’t my money, Tuesday I prepped like I was actually going to benefit from it, and today all that food disappears into (hopefully) smiling faces.  I won’t know because I have to leave as soon as it’s set up to write an exam on the cheery subject […]

Spicy Quinoa Chili & Cornbread

Before we talk about how great quinoa is in chili (spoiler alert – it’s great), let’s talk about silly things kids do. Today, we had our first real “crayon meets wall” incident.  To be more precise, crayons meets WALLS. Like, every wall. In every room. Every. Single. Room. Pink crayon in a continuous trail across […]

Twice Faked Potatoes

I always have trouble with twice-baked potatoes. Usually I am too impatient on the first bake, or decide too late in the day that I want to make them for supper, so I try to scoop potatoes out of shells that are either too hot to handle or not quite baked enough and still determined […]