Zucchini Basil Spaghetti

Zucchini Basil Pasta

The good thing about Carl going out of town is that my grocery bill is literally cut in half. The bad news is I have 4 boys who will be teenagers before I know it, and this makes me realize that I don’t think we’ll be able to afford to feed them anything but noodles […]

Oven-Roasted Cauliflower “Steaks”

Cauliflower Steaks | hiddenponies.com

You guys, I’ve been watching “Call the Midwife” on Netflix and learned I am most definitely not cut out to be a nurse. Any woman shows the first sign of being in labour and I am a weepy, sympathetic mess. Post-traumatic stress syndrome for moms is real, I’m sure of it. Then there are the other […]

Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Dip

Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Dip - two ingredients, 5 minutes!

I don’t have enough appies in my life.  This must mean I don’t have enough parties in my life, because parties are half about company and three-quarters about appies. Appy math. It’s official stuff. In the interest of having more appies in my regular non-partying schedule, I need some easy recipes up my sleeve that don’t […]

Roasted Vegetable Medley with Bacon

Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Carrots with Bacon

Does anyone else find themselves already craving the veggies we know we’re all gonna be putting on our meal plans come New Years resolution time? I love my sweets as much as the next gal (ok, probably considerably more) but the balance gets a little off at this time of year. I’ve eaten Nanaimo bars for breakfast, […]

Mom’s Recipes: Tomato and Feta Baked Eggs

It’s been almost a year since I was getting ready to move in with my parents for a few months.  Despite missing Carl and being pretty nauseously newly pregnant, those were really good months, and the kids still regularly ask when we can go visit for “12 years” (12 weeks) again. Recipes like this are […]

Roasted Red Pepper & Squash Soup

Roasted Vegetable Soup | Hidden Ponies

Last night I wrote a midterm I’ve been dreading since the semester began.  I’m taking an online course on perception with a professor I had once before for stats who is not known for his, shall we say, normalcy.  He is one of those people you stereotype professors as but no professors are actually like […]

Lemon Pound Cake with Mixed Berry Sauce {Cookbook Review}

Pound cake is a funny thing to me.  Why would I deliberately make a cake that is dense, slightly dry, and literally weighs at least a pound?? I could probably just as easily find a brick to pour some berry sauce on, yes? But the funny thing is, there are a LOT of recipes that […]

Grilled Summer Vegetable Platter

When summer hits and the smell of grills fills the neighbourhood, I am thankful I no longer live in an apartment with regulations that meant my barbecue sat dormant on the balcony for the whole two years we lived there. Summer is made for grilling, and these veggies are one of my favourite things about […]