Saturday Sweets: Gingerbread Drop Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

Know what I love?  Gingerbread cookies. Know what I don’t love?  Rolling out dough, using cookie cutters, and decorating cookies. What’s a girl to do? Enter these: These gingerbread drop cookies are the perfect answer.  I have a gingersnap recipe I love, but they aren’t quite exactly like gingerbread.  These cookies are more gingerbread-man-like: thicker, […]

Pomegranate Bliss Cookies

Pomegranate Bliss Cookies from

Cranberry Bliss Bars are everywhere this time of year, and I tried my first ever actual Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bar a couple weeks ago.  It was blissful.  Last year I made Cranberry Bliss Cookies and Chocolate Cranberry Bliss Cookies, and both were a big hit and I’ve made them many times since. This is a […]