Simply Scrumptious Cinnamon Buns

Soft and fluffy simple cinnamon buns from

I’m not one to get easily annoyed.  Most things roll off me pretty easily, and I consider myself fairly patient. As a parent, for instance, I can handle whining, complaining, puking, sniffing, questioning and crying without batting an eye or letting my blood pressure rise. But the second you introduce a cough? I become downright murderous. One of […]

Sticky Jubilee Cinnamon Buns

So, there seems to be some debate as to what actually constitutes a cinnamon bun. Is it a bun with icing, or can it be topped with brown sugar and butter? Is a sticky cinnamon bun really a chelsea bun? Does a cinnamon bun have nuts? Raisins? White sugar? Brown sugar? Are they cinnamon BUNS, […]