Cactus Club Flatbread Copycat Recipe

Cactus Club Rob's Flatbread Copycat Recipe

I finally bought myself a couple new cutting boards, and it’s life changing. My sister and I were discussing how many things we consider life changing the other day, and I must admit, for me, the number is not small. There are just so many little things that make life simpler, more relaxed, cleaner, quieter, […]

Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Dip

Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Dip - two ingredients, 5 minutes!

I don’t have enough appies in my life.  This must mean I don’t have enough parties in my life, because parties are half about company and three-quarters about appies. Appy math. It’s official stuff. In the interest of having more appies in my regular non-partying schedule, I need some easy recipes up my sleeve that don’t […]

Mom’s Hawaiian BBQ Meatballs

Hawaiian Meatballs

Since my mom is here all week (YAY!) I thought it only fitting that I share another of her famous recipes – it’s been too long since a Mom guest post!  I think these meatballs are part of the reason Carl married me, thinking they would be a regular staple in his diet if he […]

First on the First: Cantaloupe Peach Soup with Blackberry Drizzle

I pride myself on being pretty good at grammar and spelling, and years of avid reading mean there aren’t many words I haven’t come across and have at least an inkling of how to spell. “Cantaloupe”, apparently, is not a word that authors use often.  And I don’t think the handwritten signs at grocery stores […]

Oven Hot Pizza Dip

Sometimes you just need a good quick, hot, dip. Before you get any wrong ideas, that picture should clear things up. Hot Pizza Dip, hooray! Chelsea’s away gallivanting in the snow this week, so while she enjoys some well-earned R & R you all get stuck with all me, all the time! Ha. :) But […]

Strawberry Basil Bruschetta

It’s mooooovvinnnng day!! And yesterday my sweet little boy turned one, but he’s getting a belated birthday cake so he’s also getting an accompanying late birthday post, stay tuned :) It doesn’t seem real at all that we’re moving today, despite the piles of boxes around me and the 2 hours spent yesterday scrubbing other […]