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Best Ever Carrot Cake

You know those foods that just taste like home?  Living at home, (and being a gigantic fan of cream cheese icing, and eating my vegetables in cake) this cake was definitely one of my favourites growing up. Needless to say, when I came across this recipe after not eating it for at least 6 years, […]

Saturday Sweets: Pumpkin Layer Cake

I’m losing it. Well, I may have already lost it, but I’m giving myself the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I can’t remember if I told you in a different post that I was losing it, or if it’s the first time. If it is the first time, then I can still get away saying […]

Love me Chicken Tender

You know that thought you have when it’s summer time, and it’s beautiful outside, and someone offers you a plate of something sinfully delicious, and you have that nagging thought: “Oh dear, I’m probably going to get coerced into a bathing suit only minutes after I finish this”? Well, it’s officially time to welcome Fall!! […]