Taco Lasagna

Taco lasagna - all the great flavours of taco in an easy weeknight meal perfect for making ahead, giving away, or just doubling for yourself!

I’ve been holding out on you with a super easy dinner recipe you’re going to want to add to your plans this week.  I apologize for this blogging negligence, and offer you a taco lasagna peace offering.  No more secrets here. The first time I made this I had some friends coming over and it […]

Saturday Sweets: Sugar Cookie Bars

Sugar Cookie Bars | hiddenponies.com

I love sugar cookies intensely.  Sadly, I feel almost as intensely about my dislike of rolling out dough and cutting shapes and decorating individual cookies.  I have three littles, so they’re either helping (or hindering) me, or I’m trying to get something done by myself as quickly as possible.  Also, they have a thing for sprinkles […]

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

Baked Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal | www.hiddenponies.com

Guys, I feel like you’ve been holding out on me.  Why has no one been shoving baked oatmeal recipes into my hands, insisting I add it to my breakfast routine regardless of childhood oatmeal trauma?  Baked oatmeal is the bomb, and that’s not something I say, like….ever. I love the endless possible flavour variations once […]

Whole Wheat Raspberry Waffles

Whole Wheat Raspberry Waffles

Remember last year Carl bought me a waffle maker for Mother’s Day?  It may be the best gift I’ve ever received, because, thanks to it, I’ve eaten many a delicious waffle but still don’t even know how to operate the thing.  Carl took on full waffle-making responsibility when he brought home the waffle maker and […]

Magic Chocolate Toffee Squares

There really is magic in these magic squares, my friends.  Sweetened condensed milk = magic.  I have yet to find a recipe with sweetened condensed milk involved that I didn’t love.  There is just something about that sticky-sweet liquid that makes everything else taste just that much better, and these squares are no exception (not […]

Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

With hot summer weather comes cool summer suppers, and this salad is one of our all-time favourites! I’ve been making this recipe for awhile after having something similar in Mitch Miller’s restaurant in Abbotsford.  I ordered a chicken caesar salad and there were NOODLES in it!  Now, if you know my feelings about pasta you […]

Best Ever Berry Muffins

I love muffins. I am considering buying a toaster oven JUST to reheat muffins, since the microwave isn’t quite cutting it for me.  The last place I worked at had a toaster oven, and reheating muffins in there restored them in seconds to their perfect, warm, crisp-topped, soft-bottomed fresh-out-of-the-oven deliciousness that I love so much. […]