Hi, Jack!

You guys. One day you are sending your family blurry pictures taken by your children saying “3 more weeks! Any guesses on boy or girl?” And then 3 days later you are back on your couch in your favourite afternoon sunbeam, 20 pounds lighter, wondering what just happened. The best kind of thing. In the midst […]

Monday Moments: Office Space

Basically all my nesting this pregnancy has consisted of totally unnecessary house projects like painting my coffee table, making a sign for Gemma’s room, rearranging the basement, and otherwise changing things up around the house. Last week’s project was a work space for the ever-growing kids. Our kitchen corner has always held a little table […]

Monday Moments: Snow Days

Snow is a rare occurrence around these parts, so it definitely warrants a bit of picture-taking. I played the basically-9-months-pregnant card and stayed snugly indoors for the most part with the littlest, who discovered that mittenless snow playing was really only fun for a matter of minutes before the pain set in. I hate to […]

Monday Moments: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This weekend was supposed to be tree-decorating weekend, but then Carl had to go out of town for work. Then suddenly he didn’t have to go, and decorating was back on! Then suddenly I got grossly sick and decorating was back off! It was an emotional roller coaster that eventually culminated in very happy kids […]

Monday Moments: Hitting Reset

Guys, I love the rain. I love fall, winter, windy days, and chilly, stormy skies. I love the great indoors just as much the great outdoors, sometimes even more. What I do not like is who my kids turn into when we are largely stuck inside. We need to hit a major reset button because […]

Monday Moments: Birthday Bear

This boy. He turned 4 yesterday, and, as expected, he thought it was amazing. He oozes enthusiasm and joy on the least exciting of days, so a birthday really took things over the top. He is regularly bursting with excitement over something I would have otherwise failed to appreciate, like the fact that the moon […]

Monday Moments: Take-Over-the-House Plants

In May, I bought a small potted house plant vaguely labelled “tropical” at the plant store.  The lady assured me it would not flower and so bother me with pollen, and all it needed to be happy was daily water and lots of sun. Five months later, we have a small tree needing frequent re-potting in […]

Monday Moments: Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been a season or two of crazy, and this weekend mostly I am thankful just for a weekend to (re)focus on giving thanks. A time to reflect on all the good, the beautiful, the special, the abundant, the true. The first hot chocolate of the season. A moment of solitude in a pile of […]

Monday Moments: Wedding Bells

After not attending many weddings in recent memory, suddenly we had two within less than a month! This weekend saw us saying good-bye to the young man who has been part of our family for almost a year and a half. It was a beautiful day, and a good excuse to get dressed up and […]

Monday Moments: Fallllling

The first day of fall officially arrived (happy dances!!), but summer is still mostly holding on here. Which isn’t so bad, when you know how very, very close fall is and you don’t actually have more than two sweaters that fit over your expanding baby belly. A few more days of river walks and wading. […]