Monday Moments: A Normal Week

This week we got spoiled with buns, baking, fresh flowers, and dinner as people continue to support us so generously as we settle into life with 5 littles. I still feel slightly in the fog of confused tiredness that comes with so little sleep, but am also so enjoying this stage of little people everywhere. […]

Monday Moments: Little Big Brother

Don’t let this tough exterior deceive you. This littlest big brother has surprised me. He definitely misses his previous abundance of mama-snuggles and he is a scrappy, feisty little brother who will bite a piece out of an older sibling, crack them over the head with the nearest recorder, or use them as birdies for his badminton […]

Monday Moments: Winter Wonders

I love the snow, and this has been a rare “real winter” for us, with plenty of the gorgeous fluffy white stuff. I haven’t really gotten out in it much between being too pregnant for my winter coat and now tied to a perpetually hungry newborn who likes to stay warm, but even just looking […]

Monday Moments: Holding On

The kids have been giving me a run for my money the past couple days as they (and possibly I) come down from the high of new baby excitement and lots of extra visitors, attention, and playdates and settle into the reality of mom having less time to play, less motivation to get out of […]

Monday Moments: Life with Jack

It’s been exactly one month since we brought our sweet little Jack home, and we’ve been absolutely spoiled with meals, snacks, gifts and love. We are so thankful for the incredible church and friend community we get to be a part of, and with all this help we’re getting into a bit of a rhythm. […]

Hi, Jack!

You guys. One day you are sending your family blurry pictures taken by your children saying “3 more weeks! Any guesses on boy or girl?” And then 3 days later you are back on your couch in your favourite afternoon sunbeam, 20 pounds lighter, wondering what just happened. The best kind of thing. In the midst […]

Monday Moments: Office Space

Basically all my nesting this pregnancy has consisted of totally unnecessary house projects like painting my coffee table, making a sign for Gemma’s room, rearranging the basement, and otherwise changing things up around the house. Last week’s project was a work space for the ever-growing kids. Our kitchen corner has always held a little table […]

Monday Moments: Snow Days

Snow is a rare occurrence around these parts, so it definitely warrants a bit of picture-taking. I played the basically-9-months-pregnant card and stayed snugly indoors for the most part with the littlest, who discovered that mittenless snow playing was really only fun for a matter of minutes before the pain set in. I hate to […]

Monday Moments: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This weekend was supposed to be tree-decorating weekend, but then Carl had to go out of town for work. Then suddenly he didn’t have to go, and decorating was back on! Then suddenly I got grossly sick and decorating was back off! It was an emotional roller coaster that eventually culminated in very happy kids […]

Monday Moments: Hitting Reset

Guys, I love the rain. I love fall, winter, windy days, and chilly, stormy skies. I love the great indoors just as much the great outdoors, sometimes even more. What I do not like is who my kids turn into when we are largely stuck inside. We need to hit a major reset button because […]