Chewy Monster Cookie Bars

Monster Cookie Bars (naturally gluten free!)

Well, I think we’re officially ready for baby to make its appearance as finally, wonder of wonders, last night we settled on baby names we agree on.  It’s nowhere near what I thought we’d choose for a boy, I’m not entirely convinced it goes with our current names, but with only 9 days till due […]

Mom’s Recipes: Slow Cooker Tomato Sauce

Slow Cooker Tomato Sauce

I always forget about the existence of slow cookers in the summer, since comfort food at this time of year comes more in the form of barbecue and no-bake, but this recipe makes pulling it out an absolute must!  If you think making your own tomato sauce is too time consuming, you need this recipe […]

Teriyaki Chicken Spring Rolls

Chicken Spring Rolls with Rice Wrappers

We eat a lot of pasta, fajitas, pizza, and meat and potato meals around here.  Sometimes it’s good to change things up a little, and these little spring rolls were a major hit in the change-it-up department. This filling is fantastic in regular spring roll wrappers, in wonton cups, or wrapped in lettuce leaves.  I […]

Homemade Caramel Corn

It’s funny how you can be married to someone for quite awhile and not really know them. Carl and I have had a couple informative conversations lately. You’d think my lack of athleticism or our significant height differential would throw him off more, but no, it’s really just my taste in food. Me: I just love […]

Mom’s Recipes: Almond Ginger Granola

Happy day-after Canada Day!  Anyone do anything exciting? My Mom is on a successful-new-recipe tear, and I’m thrilled to have some variety to add to the blog with another post from her today (not to mention several in the wings)!  My family devours plain granola, and this fancied-up version sounds perfect for a special occasion […]

Basque Chicken Drumsticks

Basque Chicken Drumsticks

Today I’m responsible for feeding 200 people.  Monday I shopped like it wasn’t my money, Tuesday I prepped like I was actually going to benefit from it, and today all that food disappears into (hopefully) smiling faces.  I won’t know because I have to leave as soon as it’s set up to write an exam on the cheery subject […]

Chocolate Caramel Apple Dip

Chocolate Caramel Apple Dip - perfect party food! |

So, talk to me about bike shorts. My hubby is a road biking fan, but only recently took the commitment level up to official padded-bottom spandex bike shorts.  I’m a little disconcerted when he walks around the house in them and suddenly has a bum nicer than mine.  What’s next – a spandex bike shirt […]

Pizza Fondue

Pizza Fondue - an out-of-this-world appetizer or lunch!

Fonduuuuuue. I absolutely love dunking delicious things in other delicious things.  I’ve never been a fan of oil fondues because cooking little bits of everything in oil doesn’t really whet my appetite, and also, hot oil = danger, but chocolate fondue, cheese fondue, and pizza fondue?  Hand me a bib and everything dunkable you got. […]

Crispy Baked Chicken Fingers

Summer is suddenly upon us here, at least for a couple days until spring reasserts itself, and I’m starting early on my annual bid for air conditioning.  I love a sunny day as much as the next guy, but a hot house is looooow on my list of good things.  Let’s see, wheerrrrre is it, […]

Chocolate Mint Marshmallows

Homemade Chocolate Mint Marshmallows - perfect gluten free gift!

The past week has flown by in a blur of infant Tylenol, sleepless nights, and yesterday, finally, antibiotics.  Just when Theo had successfully fought off a nasty case of hand, foot and mouth picked up somewhere in Ottawa, and was back to his usual energetic, crazy little self, he woke up in the middle of […]