Mom’s Recipes: Meringue Nests with Lemon Cream and Mixed Berries

Meringue Nest with Lemon Cream and Fresh Berries

A lot of people ask me, “how do you do it?”, and I’m never sure how to respond. Do what? When? Probably the best answer is not very well, and with a lot of help. No one can do it all, and my recipe testing has fallen far off to the wayside this past couple […]

Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes with Fudgy Chocolate Buttercream

We’re off to spend part of our day at Children’s Hospital today getting little Gavin’s kidneys tested and I’m very much not looking forward to it. Although we’ve known from before birth that one kidney was larger than the other and this is decidedly not normal, it hasn’t bothered him in the least, and I’d […]

Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Chip Streusel

pumpkin streusel coffee cake

This has been a week of big changes, in which I did two things I didn’t think I would ever do: I joined Instagram and I got a blond pixie cut with a bit of teal thrown in. They’re not related, but you can see said haircut o’er there if you’re the curious sort :) […]

Marshmallow Pops

Remember that amazing surprise party we talked about on Monday? Well, I was happy to be left with the extra toppings from the apple fondue bar and couldn’t wait to put them to good use!For Theo’s birthday, since Carl was gone and vanilla cupcakes are my weakness, I decided to forego the cake and let […]

Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake

Do you have anything you’d do differently depending if your significant other is watching you?  Last week I had to say a few words and accept a little certificate for a writing award at university, and it was a strange thing. I’ve known Carl since Grade 8 and we’ve been through all sorts of things […]

Mom’s Recipes: Banana Sheet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Frosted Banana Sheet Cake

Mom’s here today showing everyone who ever doubted exactly where I got my math skills and love of happy dances from :)  Let’s not pretend this cake is anything but an excuse to eat a massive layer of cream cheese frosting and feel ok about it because there’s fruit in the cake.  Also, before we […]

Frozen Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake

Frozen No-Bake Orange Cheesecake

I think memory foam has gone too far. When it first came out to top beds, I thought it seemed like a reasonably good idea for people who always sleep in the same position. When I saw it in pillows, I understood the value of a well-supported neck, and a pillow that knew where that […]

Cranberry Bliss Cupcakes

Cranberry Bliss Cupcakes

Aren’t fourth pregnancies supposed to be predictable?  I thought by now that maybe, just maybe, I would have this pregnancy thing figured out, but I most assuredly do not.  I’m reasonably sure this little one will be the biggest “little” one to date, given its ability to kick me up under the ribs while simultaneously […]

Homemade Caramel Corn

It’s funny how you can be married to someone for quite awhile and not really know them. Carl and I have had a couple informative conversations lately. You’d think my lack of athleticism or our significant height differential would throw him off more, but no, it’s really just my taste in food. Me: I just love […]