Monday Moments: The End is Near

We’re heading into the homestretch of Carl’s teaching semester, which has included a schedule since January that leaves him perpetually gone over dinner, so we are very much looking forward to the next season. Five kids aged 8 and under and single-mom dinnertime simply do not mix (you might’ve guessed). Why that man has to work for a living is beyond me ;)

We seem to have contained the recent barfing to only one child, and we’ve also turned the corner with Jack’s bronchitis, so no more hours of my days need be taken up trying to entertain him so he’ll stay still for his meds to vaporize!

With all this time now on my hands, I go back to work this week. And by “go” I only mean that I have to clean all the Lego off my desk and go downstairs from time to time to do something I love, so that’s amazing.

And since my mom commented last time about all the kids not being included in the post, I got a rare shot of all 5 in one place, just for you mom :) Televisions really are a pretty cool thing, aren’t they ;)

I’m also slowly coming to the realization that my house is being overrun by boys, and was struck the other day to notice my packed fridge had only one rainbow and people scene, and a whole lot of spiderman, transformers, and a random “man surfing with narwhal” (thank you Theo :)) decorating it! This is still taking some getting used to for someone who assumed she’d have all girls.

One bonus is the new variety of show options  – we just discovered the kid version of Transformers on Netflix, and we are hooked. This requires getting a lot closer than the couch allows.


And even the boys liked a recent Beauty and the Beast play, they just didn’t want to be in the picture :)

Gemma told Jack all about it and it was like he’d been there, but better :)

Happy April, friends :)


  1. Shelly Lucas says

    Even with the “mask” on, little Jack is just as happy and sweet as ever! Wonderful pictures of your family and beautiful photo of you and your daughter. I’m happy to hear your hubby will be home for dinners soon…..nice, big family suppers!

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