Monday Moments: Baby Face

I feel like we’re highly due for a bit of baby spamming. He is, after all, more than 3 months old, and I won’t be able to leverage these impossibly soft cheeks as blog material forever :)

He is the happiest little fellow, and loves his naps and nights, although he also likes to see me every 3ish hours around the clock…5 hours is about the longest stretch he’ll go at night, but he goes back to bed quickly and easily and you can’t grow at this rate without regular eating!

Getting a picture of him smiling is no simple feat, however, with a camera party of one. I need to get someone else to entertain him while I have my camera out one of these days, because most of the good smiles are captured like this:

Although Theo is getting to be pretty adept and steady of hand for a 4-year-old with a massive camera.

And in case you were tired of baby faces (impossible, I say!), there is something pretty adorable about little baby feet too, especially fox-in-socks feet.

Man, I do love my babies :)



  1. Kim Kampen says

    I love your babies too :) Great pictures. He is such a sweetie. Wish I could see him all the time :(

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