Monday Moments: Little Big Brother

Don’t let this tough exterior deceive you.

This littlest big brother has surprised me. He definitely misses his previous abundance of mama-snuggles and he is a scrappy, feisty little brother who will bite a piece out of an older sibling, crack them over the head with the nearest recorder, or use them as birdies for his badminton racket, but he is never anything but gentle and careful with the baby.

He stole Theo’s favourite doll so he could have a baby of his own to take care of, and he casually carries it around as he goes about his day, burping it, talking to it, and tucking it under blankets.

He loves nothing more than when Jack comes down to his level and he can keep watch over him.

He welcomes him into his well-pillowed play space.

He’s never been more eager to get in front of his auntie’s camera.

But if you ask him about it, he’ll never tell.

These days he gets into trouble more than he ever has, but behind all that attention-seeking two-year-old mischief is a sweet, gentle heart growing bigger and bigger, and big, thickly-lashed blue eyes that get me every time.

As big brothers go, we haven’t had a bad one yet.


  1. Erin says

    So sweet! I could swear that it was Theo in that picture with Carl. Eli is experiencing a similar upswing in mischief but thankfully he makes up for it in brotherly love… he’s always making sure Oscar has toys to play with, giving him kisses, and telling him he is “soooooo cuuuuute”! :) Unless of course Oscar gets his fingers caught in Eli’s hair… ai! Keep up the good work, Gavin! (And mama!)

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