How to make a summer salad

I’m the furthest thing from a math person, but I’ve got a foolproof formula today, just in time for summer: The Salad Formula. Patent pending :)

Salad formulaSome examples (any of which are great with a simple dressing of equal parts olive oil/balsamic vinegar, or your favourite fresh and fruity vinaigrette):

Prewashed greens + strawberries + mozzarella + pecans = success

Prewashed greens + mango + goat cheese + walnuts = success

Prewashed greens + grapes + feta cheese + almonds = success

Prewashed greens + apples + Cheddar cheese + walnuts = success

Apple, Cheddar & Walnut SaladThis is my family’s new favourite salad, and I’m posting about it today on The Lydia Life, where I contribute monthly recipes.  Pop over for the super simple printable recipe and/or more salady photos!  What are your favourite summer salads that can function as side dishes or main dishes?




  1. says

    I agree to an extent and would disagree to some. Adding dry fruits, greens and cheese go well but I am not sure of adding fruits to a green salad. But will give a try to add apples especially green apples as they are close to the veggies and green. I make bell pepper – carrot salad with some crunchy peanuts. Sharing my recipe with you.

  2. opa... wait... pa! says

    I’m the furthest thing from a kitchen person, so what seems simple to you is, well, not!

    1. Greens: Carrie sometimes adds some type of greens to our smoothies that have a terrible bite like wasabi… I bet that would kill a salad. (Aside: Greens, unless (over)cooked, are for rabbits. Rabbits, on the other hand, yummy!)
    2. Fruit: Does canned count? Cuz I prefer canned fruit.
    3. Cheese: Ew. Unless it’s melted.
    4. Nuts: Nuts and meals shouldn’t mix, unless it’s cashews in a delicious curry. (Aside: who decided that walnuts are edible anyway?)

    And that’s my factual analysis of your “foolproof” formula. (What does that make me?) I guess I’ll stick to my anything-but-salad diet.

    • says

      You sound like me evaluating high school math formulas. Melted cheese in salad…hmmmm. Maybe salad really isn’t for everyone, but I’m sticking with “foolproof”, take it how you will ;)

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