We’re back from an amazing extended weekend of much-needed holidays and, while that means a week of playing catch-up lies ahead, there is so much to be thankful for.

Healthy, happy kids who love me and each other.

A baby who has figured out how to turn head down and is now growing well and only 8 weeks away from entering the world.

Good food always in abundance.

Beautiful weather.

Family & friends.

The opportunity to go to university.

A flexible job I enjoy with only a few more weeks of me on the schedule.

A husband who doesn’t shy away from active parenting.

Impending fall, winter, and spring, my 3 favourite seasons.

The God who holds it all together.

Life gets crazy busy, but it is always good, and sometimes a weekend away with good company is exactly what’s needed to refocus, recharge, and remember how we got to today in the first place: love, time, committment, and loyalty.

What are you feeling especially thankful for today?

Here are a few pictures from our weekend!

At the beach!

K-fer’s favourite spot in the pool.

Gemma surveying the waves.

An unsuspecting little b gets thrown into the tube with Uncle Carl :)

Gemma braves a turn behind the boat.

She quickly learns the universal “slow down” signal :)

K-fer keeps an eye on his riders.

Uncle Brandon wows the crowd with various animal dive impersonations.

This is the life.



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