Oh my….

A Town Shoes flyer just arrived in the mail, and these are drooooooooool-worthy, right up my shoe alley.
A mere $140 dollars…plus a new dress to go with them of course.
My tax return conveniently ALSO came in the mail today…

Barbie by Town Shoes


  1. Sharon says

    Well… they are very pretty!!! But all I can say is it is a good thing Carl is so much taller than you… you CAN get away with wearing them and not have your man look like a midget next to you!!! BUT I totally can’t imagine walking in them….. broken ankles here we come!!!

  2. Sara says

    They are very pretty! I just couldn’t picture myself walking in and out of church, keep up with my boys and walk to my van without breaking my ankles and ending up just taking them off and carrying them! Still very cute! :-)

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